Europe N to S: Perspective (8/12/16)

Today’s Miles: 26.7

Total Miles: 992.2
Near Melkfjellet – August 12, 2016

I meet a man heading north. He has a beard and looks thin. He moves different than most people out here. His look is a bit wilder.

We stop and talk. He started at the southern tip of Norway. Between us, we’ve walked across the entire country.

The day is almost up and we’re in bad bogs to camp so we can’t stop for long. We both need to move on in opposite directions, to find a flat piece of earth for the night.

We wish each other luck and as we wave goodbye I congratulate him on nearing the end. He looks at me, confused for a moment, like I’m crazy.

I walk on, but that look stays with me, like an idea that I can’t quite shake. Then I realize that he isn’t close, that he’s barely over halfway with almost a thousand miles between him and the end.

“Have I really come so far?” I think.

Weighed against everything that still waits ahead, it all feels like no more than yesterday, like the first few steps, like I just began. But that look, that look told me something, told me that all the days behind me, all those little slices at the elephant, that they are adding up, one on top of the next, piece by piece. 

2 thoughts on “Europe N to S: Perspective (8/12/16)

  1. Makes me wonder how wild you look at this point, how you walk differently than most people out there.

  2. Do you have a map somewhere of your route (or roughly of it)? It’d be fun to imagine along the line.

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