Europe N to S: One Thousand Miles (8/13/16)

​Today’s Miles: 18.7

Total Miles: 1,010.9
Umbukta – August 13, 2016

Rain drains off me as I stand by the road. The cold seeps in through the seams of my jacket. I walk back and forth to stay warm, watching a distant curve of road to know when I need to stand still, pull my hood back, and smile past the cold.

I watch cars pass for hours, slowly inching my way down the road, not because I think of walking the 35 kilometers to the grocery stores in Mo i Rana, but to stay warm as the rain saps away at me.

The grocery store is bigger than any I’ve been in. I wonder through the aisles, fill my cart, and race back to the road, hoping to get back to the trail before night. I stand for an two hours as darkness creeps in and the trickle of cars dwindles to nothing. Then I slink off into the woods to camp and hope for better luck in the morning.

After dinner, I sit in my tent, wrapped up in my sleeping bag, and eating a chocolate bar as rain falls through the trees and runs down the nylon walls.

“A thousand miles behind me,” I tell myself as I break off another piece of chocolate to celebrate. 

5 thoughts on “Europe N to S: One Thousand Miles (8/13/16)

  1. Congratulations on your first 1000 miles Daniel, I can’t wait to see the overall mileage total once you reach the Med!

  2. Congratulations D. Just think it is even a bigger number in kilometers —1609.34. Onward to the next 1609.34!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Congrats on your first 1,000 miles, despite the ever present rain. No wonder my Swedish ancestors emigrated to America!! I can’t imagine it would be much different there. Looking ahead to cool sunny days. Way to wet for me so far!!

  4. Sheesh it rains more than the Pacific Northwest in them woods. What’s your route? You walking straight through Germany this winter or taking a break and coming back to the trail in the Spring? I kinda know the answer, but I don’t know if I like it. You will have to let us know where we can send hats, socks, hot coco, and mittens.

  5. I learned the last couple of days how far 1000 miles is. Drive 70 miles an hour (straight) and you get to Oklahoma City from Tallahassee in a little over 14 hours. It is about 1000 miles away from Tally. And at 70 MPH you are flying down the road. Amazing adventure D

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