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It’s hard to directly help me when I’m in the middle of nowhere, but I know I am not alone out there. I know you are all with me somewhere. Here is what you can do to help support Predictably Lost from anywhere:

ONE: follow the blog and subscribe to my YouTube channel

The goal of Predictably Lost has always been to share the adventure. Following the blog (the link is at the bottom of this page) and subscribing to the YouTube channel help keep you informed of when new videos and posts go up.

TWO: share the blog and videos with friends

If you get a kick out of Predictably Lost, I’m sure your friends will too. Share it in an email or on Facebook or Twitter or via bat signal or however you like to share things. The more people who read and watch my stories, the more I’m motivated to keep going. It lets me know that all the effort that goes into this is worth it and valuable to people.


I’ve written almost 200,000 words on Predictably Lost. That’s almost two books. If that’s worth something to you and you want to help fund Predictably Lost, I’ll make you this promise: anything you give will go directly into making this blog better and better.

Your gifts will help replace and repair broken equipment, fund better photography tools, and cover the costs of whatever it takes to get me the next mile down some adventure that you’ll see play out on this website.

If you cannot afford it, don’t worry, I know that everyone’s financial situation is different and I appreciate your following my adventures and turning other people on to Predictably Lost. If you can afford to donate any amount, thank you and know that your donations are directly keeping this whole thing alive.

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