Europe N to S: Arctic Circle (8/11/16)

​Today’s Miles: 25.5

Total Miles: 965.5
Past Randalselva – August 11, 2016

An old wooden Archway stands alone in front of me. I walk up to it and look out to the east and west, following the line of the wood across the green valley to the mountains on the horizon. The words “Arctic Circle” are carved across the arch.

The midnight sun is gone. It has been gone for many days, first disappearing just behind high peaks, then slipping away into a sunset that bled right into sunrise. Now it gives a bit of twilight between the two, but it never existed beyond the arch. I’m leaving the land of midnight sun. 

I walk under and smile thinking of yesterday’s snow, of that last kiss from the Arctic before I escape south. In less than half a year, the sun won’t rise north of here at all. 

I walk and wonder where I’ll be then.

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