Europe N to S: The Siege (7/6/16)

​Today’s Miles: 15.6
Total Miles: 261.1

Red Cabin half day north of Olderfjord – July 6, 2016

A cloak of fog hung across the land. It brought the world in close, a hundred steps wide, the rock cairns marking the trail standing at the edges like shadows. I picked my way along, one pile of rock to the next, climbing up a ridge I couldn’t see.

Slowly, like waking from a dream, the sun burnt into the fog, devouring it, expanding the world around me. The ridge filled out. Green valleys spread below. A blue sky filled in above, growing, stretching until it reached the horizon.

And I walked on, soaking in the sunshine. Across one ridge then the next, down into a green valley and up to a small cabin, its faded red paint glowing like new in the sunlight.

As the sun dropped low and circled toward the north, the fog returned, rolling into the wall of mountains, spilling over the top like an army sieging a castle, the thin tendrils burning up as they came over the ramparts, never enough, never able to take the valley below.

One thought on “Europe N to S: The Siege (7/6/16)

  1. What a beautiful series of poetic descriptions! What a land to be traveling through! Broad, dramatic, ever changing and full of contrast. The sun devouring the fog. The clouds laying siege . I love it..

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