Europe N to S: Stealing Miles (7/5/16)

A small hut south of the Nordkapp Tunnel – July 5, 2016

​Today’s Miles: 11.1

Total Miles: 245.5

A grey sky came in the night. I woke to the patter of rain on my tent and wind pressing into the nylon walls, bending them like sails on a ship.

I sprang out and tied down a line to hold the walls steady then dove back inside again, curling under my sleeping bag and hiding in my little nylon pocket of sanity.

That’s all a tent is, a tiny pocket of civilization in the wild.

I slept in spurts, a gust of wind or rain shaking me out of sleep to check that the walls were still holding back the water and the stakes were still dug into the earth.

The night passed, then the morning, then midday. Hour by hour, I hid in my tent, waiting for the storm to break, fighting that eternal drive to always move forward.

The last drops fell in the early afternoon and I emerged, racing to steal a few miles from the day as the grey clouds watched overhead.

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