Europe N to S: Olderfjord Metropolis (7/7/16)

First, new video about the Nordkapp Tunnel:

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​Today’s Miles: 19

Total Miles: 280.1

Ridge a few miles south of Olderfjord – July 7, 2016

To most people, it’s a gas station and small store. A place people stop to top off their tanks on the way to Nordkapp or to get a box of cookies to eat on the drive or maybe they need fresh eggs or ran out of sugar or milk for some dish.

To me it is the big city, a metropolis. Stacks of food fill the aisles. Trucks and cars roll in and out. Vehicles line up by the pumps. RVs park out front, idling while passengers run inside and out. People come and go like waves into the shore. 

Voices, laughter, shouting, fills the air. Motors growl. Tires spin on gravel. Doors open and close.

I fill my basket and listen to the scanner beep as the items slide down the checkout. The packages slide down a metal tray, piling in a heap of colors at the bottom. I stack them in a fresh bag and I head outside to sit and pack my food away, six days worth, as the metropolis moves around me.

I pack and watch, waiting for a power outlet to pour amps into my batteries for the next week. Then I’m walking the road out of town and disappearing down a side path away from the pavement, following the red paint markers into the wild where only birds, wind, and the sound of my breath fill the air.

And I’m alone again. 

4 thoughts on “Europe N to S: Olderfjord Metropolis (7/7/16)

    1. By the way, loved the video. I am impressed with the pronunciation of the different “most northern” points names.

  1. What a picture you paint of the “metropolis” drawing the contrast so well. We take for granted all the commotion, color, and noise. When away from it for some time it is striking and becomes something we want to only interact with briefly then escape from…to a more natural reality. I am so happy to know that in balance you mostly have the latter.

  2. Daniel, I love your style of writing and now videoing. Your descriptive words always make me feel I’m participating. You are amazing, thank you for each glimpse. Susanne Fortune

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