Europe N to S: Episode 22 – Farewell Switzerland

Wally: What? There’s more? Didn’t we stop walking almost a year ago?

Out of Order: Yes, Wally, but we never finished the videos. Remember, our phone broke? We got behind, we stashed hundreds of files away and promised to return to them?

Wally: Whew! Ok, ok, false alarm everyone! False alarm! Just more sitting.

Out of Order: Yes, but now with new videos!

Wally: Can we get some ice cream anyway though?

Out of Order: We can always get ice cream, Wally!

12 thoughts on “Europe N to S: Episode 22 – Farewell Switzerland

  1. DAniel – When are you going to bring the TOOTH down an dhave me wrap it?????????????????

  2. Daniel, Even though it’s not a new adventure, it is GREAT to receive a message with new material from N2S Europe. Hope you are well and that you will be returning to a footpath, a waterway or similar adventure and sharing all or it with your family of laptop adventurers like me someday soon. Thanks, be well and since Easter is upon us, best wishes to you and your family for a wonderful Holiday. Steve

  3. Made my day D!! Loved seeing you post this. It brought me back and it brought me joy knowing that Switzerland (or Norway, or Angle,MN or Key West or El Camino or the Flatirons _______ ) is always in your heart.

    1. Hmmm…not sure which is more beautiful…those amazing mountains or the abundance of chocolate? Dang, mate, don’t make me choose!

  4. Daniel, today I was driving and was having a thought of you as I drive and wondered what u might be doing. I had not thought of this page for quite a long time. I think the thought came to me as I looked at the clouds as we drove. I actually could not bring your name or website to my mind. When I got home and checked my phone and saw the email, I just laughed and thought that was way to coincidental. You made me laugh when you were on the Trail Show. I was thinking how much I enjoyed reading about your trip last year. You had a beautiful way of portraying where u were and what u were going thru. Thanks for taking the time to out the video together. It made my night.

  5. Wow! What a terrific surprise to find this video! Made me cry to think of the wonderful people you made friends with along the way. Now I’m Stoked to know I’ll receive more videos!!! Yahoo!!!

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