Europe N to S: Systems Report (2/2/17)

Today’s Miles: 18.9
Total Miles: 4,067.4

Near Fontvieille, France – February 2, 2017

Systems Report:


Sleeping Bag functioning at 80%. Small rips from previous trips, but repairs are holding. Slightly damp from morning dew. Overall, adequate and minimal potential for catastrophic failure before end of trip.

Tent operational at 60%. Minor rips in mosquito net, vestibule zipper broken, wear along seam seals, and pole shows some signs of warping. Believed to be adequate as it continues to withstand rain and will become less critical after crossing the Pyrenees.


Backpack holding at 60%. Significant rips in outside pockets, potential wear issues along straps. Believed adequate in short term. Continued monitoring necessary. May not make end of trip.

Shoes dropping into critical condition at 30%. Significant sole damage, worn down from bottom, cushion crushed, pieces beginning to fall apart. Top of show in good condition. Replacement required within the next few weeks.

Socks critical at 20%. Holes and significant wear along outer edges. Condition growing worse by the day. Replacement needed.

Hiking Sticks steady ay 50%. Significant wear on metal, shocks broken on one stick, locking mechanism worn, lower portion of one pole bent. Assessment, likely to survive rest of trip.


Clothing steady at 70%. Small rip along seam and pocket of pants, repaired with floss. Wear showing on shirt from pack. Hole in longsleeve shirt. Assessment, may survive rest of trip.


Batteries critical at 10%. ALERT. ALERT. ALERT. Functioning well, but almost drained. Maybe one charge left for phone. Assessment, recharge asap or all navigation disappears.

And that is why I felt a surge of joy when I found an outlet in the town square where I could sit and charge batteries for a few hours, enough to give me a few more days before I would be forced to do it again.

14 thoughts on “Europe N to S: Systems Report (2/2/17)

  1. Loved it! Floss is so handy to have especially hiking, comes in so handy for a lot of fixes!!!!

  2. What about the main component of this system — human. Looks to me that the human is at 85%, needs more fuel and a few cracks in movement mechanism. Control center sharp but wiry mass beginning to infringe on eating entry.

    1. What Daniel isn’t telling you is that he’s down to foraging wild things to save on money. Catch a clue and donate some funds for the chocolate and patisserie part of the ” virtual tour” that you are enjoying!!!

      1. No need to strong arm people for donations! I appreciate them and use them, but I’m not going to be foraging anytime soon. All are welcome on the journey if they donate or not. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. We also need an update on the patisserie tour — best item you’ve enjoyed and where you got it…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. This sounds really bad on all fronts! You must look WORSE than a homeless person. Time to forgive the snooty Frenchman in the store. Plus you didn’t give an assessment of your personal body condition, which I assume is OK cuz otherwise you wouldn’t be able to walk to a place where you could replace any of these items.
    Then there is an assessment of your mental condition which is questionable given that you could afford to replace any and all of these items if you so desired…but as a matter of pride and personal style when packing you won’t! (Loved the dental floss repair!)

    Personally I hope you return home with all this gear -except the shoes and socks which should be replaced! Gerry’s kids would love to see you walk in with all these tatters! Maybe a selfie of all this would be good before they throw you into the brink and trade them in for prison garb!

  5. I was struck by the stark contrast of this entry compared to your usual and enjoyable poetic prose. A man of many talents for sure.

  6. Also, your portable charging station needs resedigning, that bag’s cord looks like it hardly has any friction resistance against any slight inclination. Any other product design mistakes you need fixing so I can put together some designs you can pick up when you get to Spain?? (so excited!! and hope the chocolate-pasteries 4545 toutchdown arrives soon) ๐Ÿ˜€ x

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