Europe N to S: Useful Things (11/10/16)

​Today’s Miles: 17.9

Total Miles: 2,710.9

Hamlin, Germany – November 10, 2016

I resented the silver-blue jacket for a hundred and forty days. Its light down and slippery nylon sat stuffed in the bottom of my bag day after day, mile after mile, dead weight, useless except as a makeshift pillow.

I don’t resent it anymore.

More snow fell last night, adding to the white blanket covering the high hills. Footprints disappeared. Tree limbs sagged a bit lower. My arms slipped into my jacket and I forgave the miles it sat waiting for today.

“Just keep moving,” I told myself.

My fingers numbed as I packed my bag. Then tingled warm as I walked up a hill. Then a bit of sweat ran down my back. I shoved the jacket away in my pack and kept on, adding gloves, removing hats, switching pieces of clothing in and out as I walked and stopped and walked again, trying to keep just on the right side of warm.

As night fell, I sat in my tent and watched city lights twinkle below me. My breath came out in frozen clouds. The snow was almost gone, but the cold remained, chilling the air, ready to freeze the ground’s wet leaves into crisps.

I pulled my jacket tight, hood over my head, fabric and down holding a pocket of warmth against the chill.

“I love this jacket,” I thought to myself. “Worth every mile.”

4 thoughts on “Europe N to S: Useful Things (11/10/16)

  1. I had to laugh reading this knowing how specific you are about only carrying the essentials. I’m glad to know that you had this jacket when you needed it and am still amazed at how you didn’t need it much until now. It’s been good as well to see that you haven’t been traveling in your shorts all along!

    I had read that a super blast had hit Norway and sweden and suspect this system you ran into upon returning to Germany is part of that. I wonder how long this beginning of winter will stay with you as you move south. Wings to your feet!

  2. Beard is getting longer. You’re coming from the north pole area. Your best friend is a reindeer named Theodore Jones. You are wearing a red jacket in the picture. You are carrying a bag on your back. You are a kid at heart. And you have been looking for elves (trolls are the same as elves just hairier)………..HMMMMM Just saying there are some strange coincidences happening here. and just in case, I have been very good this year.

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