Europe N to S: Hot Water (8/16/16)

Today’s Miles: 8.2

Total Miles: 1,069.6
Tärnaby, Sweden – August 16, 2016

I duck my head and water runs down my neck and over my back. Not sweat. Not rain. Not a splash of lake or river.

Hot water. Water from a shower head. Water that washes away dirt stretching north, stretching all the way to Nordkapp and down again to Lakselv.

I stand under the shower and let the water run over me, watching layers of dirt swirl away into the drain, letting the miles fall off my skin, waiting until I feel human again.

Then I smile.
“A month and a half without a shower,” I think. “8-year-old me would be so proud.” 

6 thoughts on “Europe N to S: Hot Water (8/16/16)

    1. His name is Theodore Jones, first of all. Second of all, if you had smelled me you wouldn’t have thought I was a good representation for any non-showering argument. 🙂

      1. I thought ” Roosevelt” was his middle name? Go figure. Yes, my memory sometimes needs a battery boost. And as to the shower, I am sure there is a good point between no shower in a month and a half and a shower everyday. Love you D!!

  1. Yes, a warm shower is one of the significant accomplishments of modern society. Feeling human is a good feeling. Namaste

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