Europe N to S: The Night Returns (8/15/16)

​Today’s Miles: 25.6

Total Miles: 1,061.4
Greipfjellet – August 15, 2016

The clouds break up and disappear as the sun sinks into the horizon. I find a flat, high piece of ground and set up camp.

On most nights the clouds are there to catch and hold the last bits of light, their edges lighting up pink and gold, but as I crouch over my stove and wait for the water to boil, the color fades from the empty sky. Blue mixes with black and deepens into darkness, thickening until the first fleck of light appears out of the depths, then another and another and a hundred more. 


I stand up, staring, watching as they flood into the sky until there are too many to count, until I can draw pictures in their points of light, until I know that night has returned to the world and the everlasting days are over. 

4 thoughts on “Europe N to S: The Night Returns (8/15/16)

  1. The number of stars in that night sky must be awesome. Keep looking for the Northern Lights — you never know.

  2. I wonder what does it do to our biorhythms to be so far North (or South) that light is all day or nearly night is all day. I bet it feels good to be more inside of a “normal” cycle. Light has such a powerful effect on us.

    Bet the stars a great up there!

  3. Just got back online with the help of a generator–Hurricane Hermine wasn’t REALLY bad, but she knocked Tallahassee around a bit with 80% of Tallahassee without power.
    I’m back in school with 135 talented and gifted (TAG) kids and I’ve spoken about Daniel Alvarez, the adventurer, walking from the furthest northern point of Europe to the most southern point of Europe. Our school has a theme for the year of “lead by example,” using a compass as our logo–using your inner compass to guide you to do great things–follow your dreams and also guide others along the way.
    I would like some of kids to follow you as you use your compass and guide yourself through a number of challenges, e.g., weather systems, geographic ups and downs, and emotional checks and balances. How might I and my kids stay connected? I can get them or us to send occasional texts, but I wouldn’t want to crowd up your blog. They are excited about “How is he doing this? Is he really WALKING the whole way? What about storms? What about wild animals?” Let us know how best to follow your “adventure,” and your LEAD to do something so exciting and maybe scary!!
    Good luck, Mr. Miller’s TAG class

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