Europe N to S: Episode 1 – Reaching Kinnarodden 

The first video journal of the trip is up. Hopefully I posted it correctly, but here is a link in case I didn’t! Be patient as I figure out the best way to shoot, cut, edit, mix sound, and produce these between rainstorms, the never-setting sun, and the fact that Spain refuses to walk to me.

7 thoughts on “Europe N to S: Episode 1 – Reaching Kinnarodden 

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    I KNEW that you were gonna run back!!!! HA!


  2. That must be some freezing cold water! Love the video! Right there with you in heart – although, not in the water! Fare thee well as you journey onward!

  3. Your video and commentary are the next best thing to taking the trip myself.
    One request: At least on my computer, the music drowns out your voice. Lower music volume would be appreciated.
    Thank you for the adventure.

  4. Loved the video, blogs, and tweets! You carry on getting Spain to walk to you and I’ll continue working on slowing time to my pace! 😎

  5. Outstanding. I love the ending. Also, this way of viewing your hike brings on a new form of inspiration. Drive on my friend.

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