Angle to Key West: Never Forget the Places You Love

Remember that little trip in a kayak from a few years ago? Remember when I disappeared into a magical string of lakes and rivers stretching along Northern Minnesota to reach Lake Superior? Remember the portages? The glassy water? The paths worn into the ground through hundreds of years?

This is a chance to do right by that place, the Boundary Waters needs our help to protect it. 

The Forest Service is considering if they should deny or renew a lease that exposes the Boundary Waters to potentially disastrous mining techniques. They need to hear from all of us who want to protect these last wild places. We need to shout loud and clear that they are worth protecting. Here is a link to a petition by the Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness ( and here is a link to their webpage where you can find more information ( Go sign it. It takes just a moment.  

I’m freezing up here above the Arctic Circle in Norway trying to race winter south, but I’m making time for this because it is important to protect these wild places we love. There are so few and you do not get second chances. 

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2 thoughts on “Angle to Key West: Never Forget the Places You Love

  1. Thank you, Daniel for posting this reminder. Friends of Boundary Waters J’s been putting up a good fight with a lot of work to educate the public on the issue and dealing with the powers that be. They truly deserve our support…no matter where one lives.

  2. Daniel. Thank you for sharing your adventures. Chris “the fireman”‘s dad.

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