Grand Enchantment: Up, Across, and Down (3/25)


Above Indian Creek, San Mateo Mountains – 3/25

The trail rose and fell through the San Mateo Mountains, weaving in and out, climbing over patches of snow and through forests. I glided forward  with it, not pushing myself, not slow, just moving forward, counting miles. It felt like I’d been here before, marching up, over, and down again, crossing patches of snow, staring out from peaks, climbing over fallen trees. The next range is already peaking at me from the horizon, the last one waving goodbye.

It’s all beautiful, but my head is gone. I barely see any of it. I only think about distant things and watch myself move forward on my maps, feeling like I’ve been here before, rising, crossing, and falling down mountains.

5 thoughts on “Grand Enchantment: Up, Across, and Down (3/25)

  1. Daniel, you have written similar posts like this in the past where your spirit has disassociated from your body. You have become one with nature, one with the universe. It must be a very liberating feeling. Too bad we have to come back to reality but that’s life. Namaste.

    1. I have run into a few hiking, but we have a truce. They don’t bother me and I don’t bother them. Even rattlers are very polite if you don’t mess with them.

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