Grand Enchantment: Magic World (3/21)


Mesa past Aldo Leopold Wilderness Boundary – 3/21

Low clouds poured off the high mesa separating the Middle and East Forks of the Gila. They slipped over the canyon’s edge and sunk down as if fleeing the rising sun.

Silence surrounded me as I climbed into the white mist. Nothing moved in the fog. Only trees slipped in and out of existence like ghosts as the cloud thickened and thinned around them.

I walked in silence, not humming, not whistling, just quiet breaths as I listened to the still world of spirits shifting around me. Then the fog broke, eaten away by the sun, and the sky transformed into a patchwork of thunderstorms and light. I walked on as the world shifted back and forth between bright sunshine pouring through gaps of clouds and raindrops splattering in the dirt. Blue sky and thunder rolled across the mesas.

By sunset, I’d climbed to a high mesa and could see the Black Mountains in the distance, rising along the continental divide. Behind me, the snow-capped peaks of the Mogollons filled the western horizon. Opposing rims of a giant super-volcano that once exploded up right underneath my feet.

What a world.

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  1. This, one of your shortest entries, is so completely full of exquisite delightful description. To journey through the wilderness, then create such vivid stories that make the reader feel as if they were also there…it is an extraordinary gift that you share with us lucky readers.

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