Update and Brews and Canoes Adventure series event in Mankato on July 22nd!



First, an apology for not finishing the Grand Enchantment Trail journal. As soon as I got off the trail, I kept meaning to finish the trip journal from my notes, but it kept getting pushed back with other things going on. I’m going to do my best to finish over the next month or so. Sorry the story is a bit stale now (you know I survived so that takes all the drama right out!), but I’ve got good notes about what I wanted to write about so hopefully interesting things will still shine through.

I also know a lot of people were worried about me or wondering if I had fallen in a hole or off a mountain or something. I got a lot of really nice messages from folks wondering how I was doing and I wasn’t able to respond to a lot of them. I always go through a bit of a post-trail funk after trips end and don’t really function well. Sorry about that! Hopefully I will do better in the future at not leaving journals hanging and responding to emails.

Onward to better things! If you’re in the southern Minnesota area, next Wednesday, July 22nd, I’ll be doing a presentation in Mankato for the Friends of the Boundary Waters’ Brews and Canoes Adventurers Series. It’s going to be a lot of fun and I’ll have some great pictures and videos of various adventures to share. Here is a link to the Facebook event page (https://www.facebook.com/events/1570494989900043/) where you can find more information. I believe tickets are only $7 in advance and you get a free drink with that while supporting a great organization that works to protect one of the coolest, wild places on the planet!

Anyway, hopefully I’ll see some of you there, and look for new posts about the Grand Enchantment trail starting soon!

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8 thoughts on “Update and Brews and Canoes Adventure series event in Mankato on July 22nd!

  1. Daniel, So good to hear from you. Yes, was concerned when you stopped blogging so thanks for the update. Hope you are having an excellent summer. Good time of year to visit MN. Namaste.

  2. Great to hear from you, Daniel! Glad you successfully completed your AZ/NM adventure!

    We’re hanging out at our family cottage on Lake Michigan near Grand Haven until the end of Sept … Swing by if you’re in the neighborhood! Would love to catch up!

    All the best,

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  3. Daniel,Thank goodness you’re still around. Your writings are more interesting than any book regardless the subject. Now I can set aside my concern as to what happened to you.Harrison

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  4. Daniel, So relieved to know that you’re Ok! Don’t scare us like that again. But…when I get into the wilderness, it’s not just the wilderness that so thoroughly captures me. It’s also sheding the trappings and routine of the “civilized” world that provides joy and relief. So, perhaps if those are shared feelings, I understand your “disappearance.” Anyway, I am eager to read the “rest of the story” and hear about your next great adventure. I’ll miss the MN event, but I’ll be there in spirit.

  5. Daniel, I’m so glad you are ok. I was worried as a lot of us were!! So glad to hear from you again. Trek on! Carrie Shearer

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  6. I had wondered about you since the journal just stopped. But it didn’t sound like your heart was consistent regarding wanting to be on the GET or not, so I thought perhaps you just quietly moved on to something else.

    Rod “Steady” Belshee hikepaddle.blogspot.com

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