Grand Enchantment: The Missing Mountain (3/15)


Near Pigeon Creek – 3/15

The Morenci Mine is a wonder. I could hear it before I saw it. Low rumbling machinery echoed through the mountains for miles, groaning like some giant monster. 

Then I came to a pass and stared out at the chaos of an entire mountain turned over to the pursuit of metal. 

Dump trucks rumbled in the distance, each giant in its own right, but looking like an ant wandering up and down the pile. They rumbled in long, endless lines, filling and emptying their loads of rock. 

The mine has churned once ragged mountain slopes into organized heaps. The mountains are hardly recognizable, looking more like terraced monuments, like unfinished pyramids, with roads built into them for the ceaseless march of machinery, the constant grinding away. The mine is not digging in, but eating the mountain wholesale.

It’s shocking to see, terrifying even, the complete destruction of a mountain, but as I take a picture, I wonder how many copper wires inside my phone were pulled out of that dirt. 

7 thoughts on “Grand Enchantment: The Missing Mountain (3/15)

  1. Good point, Daniel. Felt the weight of that realization when the BP oil spill hit us in the Gulf. It’s our addictions to the wonder of technology that allows this sort of destruction on such a massive scale.

  2. I told you you would be amazed at the Morenci mine. It is nothing short of grand scale absolute devastation surrounded by the beauty of the majestic mountains. It is a great reminder of what we are doing to ourselves, that we are in this together (your phone, my phone, the rest of us phones) and that we better do better …. much better …. soon.

  3. Daniel, If I’m not mistaken, today, April 9, is your birthday. So…Happy Birthday!! Haven’t seen a blog since this one (3/15)…hope you didn’t get chased off the trail by a mountain lion. Cheers!!

  4. Happy belated, cuz! I text you yesterday with “Not sure if you’ll get this in the wilderness, but wanted to say Happy Bday! I hope you’re eating decent and wearing sunscreen…while holding your KNIFE for PROTECTION IN THE WILDERNESS!…Just saying.” Um, turned out it’s not your number anymore and I scared the bejesus out of that random person with the knife comment. Anyways…you better have your knife! Especially if that mountain lion really is chasing you!!! Omg I’m freaking out again. šŸ™‚ šŸ˜¦

  5. Pretty sure Mr Order finished up a few weeks ago, no? Albuquerque or bust? Great writing, very improvisational. Guessing it needs to happen in the moment or not at all for that magic to work. Hoping for more though.

  6. Daniel , Hope all is well have not heard from you for some time . Do I have to round up Keith and Gunner for a rescue mission ? Kenny

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