Grand Enchantment: Walking with the Moon (3/3)

Freeman Road – 3/3

I woke to the sun rising in a blue sky, burning away at the fog soaked Gila Valley below me. I stretched my arms wide in the light as if it flew eight minutes through space just for me. Piece by piece it dried out the land, my gear, everything. 

The trail eased off me, like a cat not wanting to destroy its toy. It rose gently to a ridge then traced a long patchwork of trail, tracks, and forgotten roads across the soft slopes of the Tortilla Mountains.

I barely had to think. I could just walk into the night as the near-full moon rose to paint the world silver. Its light swallowed all but the brightest stars and made the edges of sand under my feet sparkle in their place as I walked on. 

5 thoughts on “Grand Enchantment: Walking with the Moon (3/3)

  1. Daniel,

    Steve & Jeanette Chupack of Cape Coral are back with you, and once again hooked on your adventures and beautiful writing and images. All the best.

  2. Outdoors anywhere under a full moon is exquisite. Brings to mind cross country skiing on a frozen February lake in Ontario. Hope the trails bring you inspiration and joy in your heart.

  3. Great Picture, Wild looking rocks. It’s great that you are back on your travels and having the fun that we all should take the time to enjoy life More. Have fun and be safe. Chuck and I send our Love…

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