Angle to Key West: Rocket Fuel (3/31)

Spoil Island near Merritt Island – March 31, 2013

I never stopped from the moment I slid into the water. I just went, watching the sun rise high then fall away and disappear, watching night slide around me and turn the world black.

There are only so many good days, bright sunny days, days with the wind at my back and nice water underneath me. I can’t waste good ones. I can’t watch them pass from the shore. I have to dump all my energy into them, dump it like rocket fuel and fly.

Because even as spring unfolds, as snow melts off portage trails and ice buckles and cracks on Lake Superior’s shore, I know the truth about winter.

When you race winter north, you better run fast.

4 thoughts on “Angle to Key West: Rocket Fuel (3/31)

  1. I strongly encourage you take the Great Dismal route from North Carolina to Virginia… While the prime rib at Coinjock Marina on the eastern cut is highly acclaimed the tranquility of the Great Dismal is unequaled on the East Coast. Either way Albemarle Sound can, at times, be a bear… keep an ear on the weather there and leaving the ICW to Chesapeake Bay. Safe Travels!

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