Angle to Key West: Southern Breeze (12/1)

Watching Sunset

Mile 446 on Lower Mississippi, two bends north of Vicksburg – December 1, 2012

I can feel the south now, the warm south, floating in on a southern breeze. I flinched when the moving air first touched my skin. Instinct. I thought it would bite.

For so long now every gust, every puff has had teeth that found each bit of skin, cut through clothing, tore away heat, left my hands numb and curled, my body shivering, my spirit crumpled. But not this one, this gentle southern breeze, this was different.

I flinched and it caressed, warm and comforting, kissing my face, soaking into my skin. This was pirates and sand castles, palm trees and seashells. It felt like the soft pink clouds of sunset, the ones that look like cotton candy.

“You’re almost there,” it said. “The ocean, the salt water, the coast, it is all so close.

4 thoughts on “Angle to Key West: Southern Breeze (12/1)

  1. Glad to hear you are finally coming closer to Tallahassee. We await your arrival with glee!! Welcome back to warmer climes. Carrie

  2. I’ve never want to imagine a misery the cold and monotony must bring. Past the half way point and into the warmer weather. Things are looking up. Keep it up Daniel.

  3. No surprise at your reaction. When all is said and done, you have at least 1/2 Caribbean genes in your DNA.

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