Angle to Key West: Aftermath (11/30)


Mile 488 on Lower Mississippi across from Lake Providence – November 30, 2012

My bones are wired together and connected with strings. My sides ache every time I twist my torso and knots of muscle feel shoved underneath each shoulder blade.

I slept sprawled out on that Louisiana sandbar until the sun dropped to the horizon and I willed ten miles out of my weary body. They came slow, through a haze of barges and two long bends. I felt less part of it than some puppeteer pulling on strings, unable to make one smooth movement in a hundred.

“That’s not a real person,” the crowd would say. “It’s a man made of wood and wire.”

I wouldn’t argue. I would only smile. My body is wrenched apart and the glue piecing it together again hasn’t set, but it will and a hundred miles will be a hundred miles forever.

3 thoughts on “Angle to Key West: Aftermath (11/30)

  1. Danimal, you’re an animal. That is absolutely nuts. It must feel good to have those 100 miles done.

  2. No worry. Wally will take care of it…I trust you paid your debt to Wally in New Orleans. Now new kinds of body changes, eh?

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