Angle to Key West: Other Perspectives, Part Three

The River from a different perspective

Tired of my rendition of the story, here are a few different takes!

I’ve mentioned some of these before in other posts, but I figured I’d throw them all together here in case anyone missed them and wants to look back!

Outside Magazine made this trip into what it is by funding this adventure. I remember talking to Abe Streep from a dock on Rainy Lake back in Voyageurs National Park. The Looksha was prettier then, but she has better stories now. Outside Magazine is the only place where skipping out on your last semester of law school to wander around in the desert gets you labeled an overachiever. I love it.

I talked to Jess a few days before I got to St. Louis. I asked her what to see in the city and she said, “maybe the City Museum.” I wasn’t sold. Why would I want to go to a museum? She failed to mention that it was the kind of museum with ten story slide.

As I floated under the new Highway 61 bridge near Hastings, MN, Dave Orrick told me that they floated the thing in on barges and hoisted it up somehow. I paddled a bit faster.

Michael Feldman’s Whad’Ya Know? show is the reason I got to eat chocolate covered bacon and eggs stuffed in sausages for Thanksgiving dinner. Who knew the radio waves beaming around the country would introduce me to Marjorie, Frank, and Joseph.

Finally, Bob Collins has kept up with the trip ever since we first talked on a sunny day in Minneapolis. When he spotted me on the water as he drove to check on the plane he built himself, I knew he was my kind of adventurer. Here’s his original take and a few follow-ups.




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