Angle to Key West: Whad’Ya Know?

Crouched behind some bushes to escape the wind, I could barely hear Michael Feldman’s monologue through my phone. If there are nice, sound-proof spots along the Mississippi, they aren’t marked on my maps.

“I just hope I can hear him when he starts talking to me,” I said to myself about fifty times. “And I hope he can hear me.”

I could hear him, luckily enough, and good thing too, because I was able to get expert advice on Wisconsin slang and a comforting acknowledgment that Minnesota can be a bit of a black hole if you’re not careful (will I ever escape?)!

I’m guessing he could hear me well enough too, because a few days later, I got an email from one of his listeners, Coni in Prescott, Wisconsin, the first town I’d come to on the Wisconsin border.

“How about a place to stay and a nice, warm, home-cooked meal when you get here?” she said.

Minnesota Nice? How about Welcoming Wisconsin!

Here’s the link to the Whad’Ya Know? show with the interview, hope you enjoy it:

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  1. Hi Sunshine, Remember Belle Isle, and all the rest of your Minnesota journey you may want to forget Savanha Portage until a later date but it may define the rest of your life.The waters following you are your friends looking out for you .Be Safe our friend. Kenny

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