Angle to Key West: The Line (9/16)

Brainerd, MN – September 16, 2012

There’s a line along the banks, thin and gray, between fresh grass on the ground and the first leaves hanging in the trees. It’s a gap of mud coated trunks and branches stripped clean. It’s sharp and straight, like a single swipe from a razor.

In narrow places, the line rises high above my head and I crane my neck to look at it. When the river widens it drops down low, close to the bank, but never disappears.

It’s hard to imagine the water that high, not when my boat scrapes the bottom in places. But people along the bank swear it. Biggest flood in 40 years, they say.They raise their arms above their heads and tell me I should have been here a few months ago.

I look at the line and laugh.

“No,” I think. “No I shouldn’t have.”

2 thoughts on “Angle to Key West: The Line (9/16)

  1. I saw this same car downriver of Jacobson during my 1959 through-paddle of the Mississippi River, It was in better shape back then. You can see the photo at Day 15 of
    I am thoroughly enjoying your blog and just catching up with where you are now. I think I happened upon you though GT’s or Brian’s blog. They are on the river now as you probably know. I missed meeting up with them on my road trip to the midwest as I had to be back in Florida.
    All the best,
    Ron Haines
    you are no

  2. I was on this section of river in early Oct; that high water line is pretty scary. I’m enjoying your blog.

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