Angle to Key West: Splosh, Whap, Foomp, Shhsh (8/26)

Sand Island, Apostles – August 26, 2012

A curving hole of rock opens along one corner of the cave. Water has worn it smooth and it thumps like a bass drum every time a wave hits it.


Another curve sounds hollow and light.


They both send water splattering backwards in the air. It lands with a splash of noise.


Foomp. Boop. Shhsh. Foomp. Boop. Shhsh.

Along a far wall, water slaps and splatters every few moments, sharp and clean.

Tump. Psh. Tump. Psh. Tump.

I close my eyes, listening to the sound, feeling the beat rise and fall underneath me with each wave crashing into the cave.

Tump. Psh. Foomp. Shhsh. Psh. Foomp. Psh. Tump. Shhsh.

One sound works off another, changes pitch, slips high or low, fast or slow, as the waves shift and ricochet off walls.

Foomp. PSH. Tump. Tump. Shhsh. Tump. Tump. Bop. BOOP. Shhsh. Psh.

Sounds build and pop. Water lifts and swirls. The walls play and play and play like a tireless jazz band blowing until the roof falls down.

Tump. Psh. Shhsh.

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