Angle to Key West: Other Perspectives, Part Two

Tired of my rendition of this story? Here are some more perspectives on the trip:

Dressed for work in the newsroom not a day at the beach, Allie Delury still came out to talk to me. “Allie,” I said, “Please don’t make me look too crazy.” Then I showed her my stuffed alligator that knows the way to Florida. Thanks Allie for not making me look completely insane (and I hope you aren’t still pouring sand out of your shoes):

Sam Cook met me on a dock along the St. Louis River then wrote a great article about the trip that captures many aspects and weaves them all together. He even called my mom to confirm that she really did almost leave me in the Grand Canyon:

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, Tammy Francois wrote a great story about the trip when I passed through Two Harbors:

And it’s hard to forget the first time you’re on radio, especially if you are floating in Lake Superior hoping the waves don’t get pushy. It’s hard to paddle with a cell phone, thanks Bob, Buck, and Ann: