Angle to Key West: Four Days (6/14)

Rainy River, MN — June 14, 2012

“How long have you been out in that thing?” the woman asked.

“Four days,” I said.

“And where are you headed?” she said.

“Key West,” I said.

She looked at me for a moment, digesting the words, her face unmoved.

“What’s the longest you’ve been out in one of them before?” she asked.

“Four days,” I said.

6 thoughts on “Angle to Key West: Four Days (6/14)

  1. Well, at least in a Looksha 17!!! Aren’t you the comedian! Love that boat! Beautiful Bananna yellow!

  2. Amazing post. You know how they say, if you can run six miles, you can run a marathon? Well, if you can kayak for four days, you can kayak four-thousand miles!

  3. envious, amazed at your courage, strength, tenacity–hope this will be a book & hope I can still bring you lunch when you reach Minneapolis, be careful, the Mississippi is really high and strong this year-Tamara

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