15 thoughts on “Home

  1. I think what you are doing is so awesome! I am a member of a small kayak club outa Jacksonville,Fl. One day I want to complete the circumnavigational trail of Florida. Some of your trip down the coast is part of it. I was hoping that our group might be able to meet up and paddle a few miles with you. Well, I Will def keep cking your blog and at the very least to see you paddle by.

    1. Valerie,

      I’ve always wanted to complete the Florida Circumnavigational Trail too! I’m excited that this trip is going to take me down half of it. I would definitely be happy to paddle with your or anyone from your group, although I’m going to be on the opposite coast from Jacksonville! If you have any thoughts on places along the gulf that are must see places, let me know! It’s my home turf (I’m from Tallahassee), but I definitely don’t know all the good spots!

      If you want to come paddle, definitely keep in touch and we can figure something out when I get to the gulf!

  2. We really enjoyed having you stop and visit with us and can’t wait to hear from you again and see the wealth from the rest of your trip… Jarry and Chuck

  3. Congrats Daniel. Unbelievable journey. I am so proud of you. You did it. I knew you would. Just wish I could see you and the smile on your face. Now you can start the book! All the stories you will tell. Remember, if you need some solitude(right!) you can come back to the Northwoods. My cabin is always open to you and I know you would like it. Thank you forsaking the trip. We lived thru it with you.

  4. I saw your story about kayaking to KW a while back and now see it again for a return trip… Good luck and I hope you enjoyed your stay there!

  5. I was the guy in the Jon boat near Carolina Beach checking out your sail. If you ca give me the name of that company again. Good luck on your trip home. Will check on your progress.

  6. Courage makes us vulnerable, yet you have exercised your love, light, and might enough to use all the ‘I wish’ moments for laughter and power… ‘here’s to all your everchanging horizons,’ my dear pilgrim friend!! I heart-cookie you 🙂

  7. Where u at now? Hope u made it home big foot! I’m 1 of the Mexicans u met at top of tram in albq nm! Write on ur next stop! God bless!

    1. I’m the 2nd. Mexican dude that you met on top of the ridge of where the Tram-way goes to the top,,,your fkn. Badass dude GO OUT-OF-ORDER! !!!!

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