Europe N to S: Telling Time in Spain (5/22/17)

Today’s Miles: 32.3
Total Miles: 6,178.5

Past Aznalcázar, Spain – May 22, 2017

The first town wakes up as I arrive. People move in the streets, a bit slowly, and the grocery store’s bread is still hot from the oven. Most of the shops haven’t opened yet and the streets feel only half full.

I reach the second town as the mid-day heat arrives. Groups of old men sit on park benches, but only in the shade. They finger canes and shout out greetings to passersby. A few join them, others trickle away. The streets are busy, awake now, and people move in the thick of their morning routines.

The third town is asleep when I arrive. Silence fills the still air. No one moves. I walk abandoned streets and only see a few people peering at me from the shadows of cafes and houses. I feel almost alone on the earth while the world sleeps away the heat.

The fourth town moves with life. The heat has faded. Kids play in parks. Couples stroll sidewalks. Voices and cars fill the air. People crowd the grocery store to buy what they need for dinner. Up and down the sidewalk, the town moves with it’s business.

I pass the fifth town just before sunset. It’s quieter. People have settled on benches or returned to their houses. The air is cool again. The day feels complete. I see it on passing faces, the contentment of a day’s​ end. 

“It’s time to rest,” their smiles say.

I catch my reflection in a window and see the same smile.

4 thoughts on “Europe N to S: Telling Time in Spain (5/22/17)

  1. What a nice rhythm to the day. We are just beginning to understand the importance of siestas. The keys to life — siestas and fiestas. And a few other things but that is good start.

  2. Dan, I love reading your daily adventures. My children and I have followed you since we met you out on the island in the Hudson river. New York. We were out on our kayaks that afternoon we have followed you ever since. Sometimes we have nightly discussions and what it would be like to tour with you. You have gone so far since we’ve seen you we need to keep in touch so if you come back this way we can meet up! I hope that things are continuing to go well! Adventure on my friend and until we all meet again stay safe!❤😊

  3. I can tell that today you are living in the moment and keenly aware of your surroundings. You are going with the natural rhythm and flow of life. Namaste.

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