Europe N to S: Burgos (3/9/17)

Today’s Miles: 9.9
Total Miles: 4,824.5

Burgos, Spain – March 9, 2017

Burgos comes alive at night. The empty afternoon streets fill with people. Shutters roll up to reveal restaurants and store fronts. Drinks fill glasses. Voices and laughter echo off the old walls.

The city felt empty in the afternoon. The wide streets held mere trickles. The big square looked too big. The cathedral seemed a giant looming among the sea of red-roofed buildings. 

But at night it all makes sense. People materialize, bars fill, crowds wander the wide streets. We squeeze into a restaurant’s upstairs room to order small plates and a pitcher of sangria. The waitresses run back and forth, taking orders, delivering plates of food that arrive from the downstairs kitchen on a dumb waiter.

I can’t read the menu well enough to know what I order, but I don’t really care, I just want to try something, to sit in the energy of the city, to breathe it in, to let it soak over me after the strings of small towns with their dusty, half-closed streets. There is life here, in the streets of Burgos, in the restaurants, the people, and it feels good to be lost in it, just another face in the crowd, another spark in the electricity of the night.


3 thoughts on “Europe N to S: Burgos (3/9/17)

  1. Burgos looks beautiful! Nice that you are enjoying yourself and drinking it in! This Camino walk has sure been a breather for you in so many ways.

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