Europe N to S: Relax for 15 Miles (1/19/17)

Today’s Miles: 15.9
Total Miles: 3,810

Santo Stefano, Italy – January 19, 2017

Today was quiet. Connect the dots. Walk the steps between where I stopped yesterday and where I slept after catching a train.

A mess of sidewalks, streets, and paths took me along the first bit of coast, rising up a small mountain to get around a steep headland where the road had no room for even a hint of shoulder. 

The second half was an old railway converted to bike path, flat, clear, and easy to walk. It let me drift forward without thinking. No trail to sort out, no turn to catch, no worry about where I might sleep, just walk and stare at the ocean, watch sunset, and enjoy the echos through a mile of old railway tunnel.

Quiet. Connecting dots. Room to breathe.

3 thoughts on “Europe N to S: Relax for 15 Miles (1/19/17)

  1. Beautifully put and great picture! Hope the phone issue is close to resolution and thanks for continuing to blog with the spare!!! Much appreciated and enjoyed!

  2. Sweet that you can have some days like this, walking and enjoying the day. What a beautiful photo of the Mediterranean!

  3. D. You’re on a beautiful stretch of the Italian Riviera from here to Menton. Kathy (my wife) and I rode our tandem in October from Monaco to Imperia down the same bike path and tunnel you are on. The lights went dark in the tunnel when we were half way through.

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