Europe N to S: The Mediterranean Sea (1/16/17)

Today’s Miles: 23.7
Total Miles: 3,746.7

Loano, Italy – January 16, 2017

The land fades into nothing behind the screen of trees. I stare through the branches, squinting to see beyond them, but my eyes can’t settle on anything more than faded blue and green. I walk on, scampering over the icy snow and up a ridge until a bend of rock rises above the forest. Then I know why I couldn’t see the land through the trees.

There is no land.

Behind me, the Alps still rise. Their snow clad peaks stretch to the sky. But in front, they fall away. Their slopes melting into the sea, disappearing to leave the horizon a flat line of blue.

The Mediterranean Sea. 

A ship passes in the distance, a white wake fading behind it. The sun reflects golden off the water. I sit and stare, remembering the sand beaches of Denmark, the old concrete bunkers washing away in the waves, the last time I saw the sea a continent away. I think of frozen fingers, of snow falling through barren branches, of icy rain and mountain passes. 

I’ve raced winter as far south as I can, now the way lies to the west, toward sunset and France, toward Spain and the Pyrenees, toward Santiago and the Atlantic.

3 thoughts on “Europe N to S: The Mediterranean Sea (1/16/17)

  1. It must have been a joy to realize the reality of having beaten, with luck and fortitude, winter, in passing through the Alps and to be now on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea.

    Even with the remaining miles ahead of you I bet there is a more relaxed sense within. Aaaaaah! You can breathe more easily and stop grinding your teeth. Enjoy!

  2. Gorgeous picture D. Looking forward to getting caught up on your blog this weekend. Safe travels.

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