Europe N to S: Episode 19 – Goodbye Germany

Saying goodbye to Germany after so many miles, bakeries, and a lot of chocolate and wonderful people.

3 thoughts on “Europe N to S: Episode 19 – Goodbye Germany

  1. Thank you, thank you Germany. One thing I love about Germans (generally speaking) is they love to travel. I am always seeing them in the Canadian Rockies and the western US of A. I think that is part of the German DNA and many of them get and appreciate what you are doing. And your girlfriend comment at the end is an instant classic. I hope you hear from some of them.

    1. Absolute perfect observation about German’s travel craze…and it being in our DNA. I always tell people that no matter what place on earth you will go, you will always find Germans. You may not always know, because we often blend in like chameleons though. We like to explore and learn…and we don’t like to get it second hand, so that only leaves traveling to find out.
      Daniel, so very happy you went and enjoyed your journey through our culture and history packed Country. I hope you will get to come back many times to see and experience even more of what you have not had a chance to see yet.
      Germany and our surrounding Countries are so small in size (especially in comparison to Amerika), but definitely filled with endless opportunities to explore…….while enjoying good chocolate, bread and cakes, great wine and beer, and lots of food specialties.

  2. Thanks for hiking through our country! So glad you hiked to the top of the Black Forest, the Feldberg!
    And I am so happy I’ve met you! Come back in the summer!

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