Europe N to S: Luxury (11/22/16)

​Today’s Miles: 24.1

Total Miles: 2,928.4

Near Nassau, Germany – November 22, 2016

I almost forgot how easy it is to walk without rain and cold, to simply move. The miles came easy, drifting over hills, past fields, through forests and villages.

It wasn’t a particularly beautiful day. The clouds didn’t break apart into wispy shapes, the blue sky never made an appearance, there were no spectacular vistas or dramatic landscapes, but I didn’t have to think much and my hands never went numb. Navigate a turn here or there, check the map once in a while, but mostly just go.

I stopped to eat lunch on a bench in a small town. I sat there, resting, watching people wander by, spooning out mouthfuls of yogurt, and realizing how long it had been since the weather was nice enough to just sit for a moment. The bench was dry. The sky wasn’t threatening. The air was warm enough that I didn’t have to keep moving. I could just sit. 

The definition of luxury is always relative.

2 thoughts on “Europe N to S: Luxury (11/22/16)

  1. Good point…relative…as are all things, eh? Glad to hear it is warmer as you are headed South, Wings to your feet!

  2. It sure is! It seems to often take some kind of deprivation for some of us to appreciate the small things. Glad to hear you dry.

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