Europe N to S: Episode 10

4 thoughts on “Europe N to S: Episode 10

  1. Daniel, I love your dry humor and subtle wit with a dash of recently won wisdom. Episode 10 is awesome and my second favorite. But still my overwhelming best is Episode 6…the one and only Theodore Jones. LLTJ

  2. I just read an article about the healing power (scientifically proven) of “awe.” “Awe” that we experience in all kinds of ways but so often experienced in the outdoors. That burning sky and your comments so reminded me of that power. Great video Daniel and thanks again for putting us there to experience at least part of this incredible journey.

  3. I love how you built up the backstory of the length of the section, the weather and accepting that you can’t control it but just have to deal with it, the simple waking up at 3 am to move a drowning tent, the sparse food supply, and the tiredness of the journey…all the while showing these incredibly beautiful background sights and finally standing in awe of the sunset and abandoning your worrisome thoughts about food. Then pick back up with the thought that in a few minutes the sunset will be over and the food and tiredness will take over again. Great flow. I keep thinking of the children following your journey and wonder what they will think when they view this. I love it!

  4. Walking with you step by step. Wish we could see more videos but enjoy those which come. You are amazing for sure.
    Don’t ever stop what you are doing. I look for your entry daily at 9 a.m. knowing I am going to enjoy the little or the lot of words you send our way. Stay safe.

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