Europe N to S: Comfort (10/16-17/16)

Today’s Miles: 22.4

Total Miles: 2,417.9

Schleswig, Germany – October 16, 2016

Today’s Miles: 14.7

Total Miles: 2,432.6

Near Kropp, Germany – October 17, 2016

I spent the first two nights in Germany in Felix’s spare bed. I took a train into town the first night, after being invited to dinner, then walked the missing section back the next day. Felix was only there the first night, but left his key for me the second, trusting a someone he just met with his house as he went on vacation so that I would have a place to sleep.

In the morning, I manufactured things to do before I left his house. The night before, I thought of an early start. By the morning, I thought of noon. By midday, I hoped for a few miles just to get out of town.

The chairs, the bed, the kitchen, the bathroom, the controlled space, it was all intoxicating. Racing across Denmark left me pulled thinner than I thought, left me vulnerable to comfort.

But bit by bit I finished each of the little chores I put in front of me until all that was left was to slip on my shoes, lift my backpack, and lock the door. Still I waited, lingering, sticking to the comfort of a home until the anxiety of not moving grew bigger than the desire for walls and ceilings.

The key spun in the lock, the bolt closed, and I walked away down the street, back into the unsure world, back to the home I carry on my back, the little bit of fabric that only wants a small, flat piece of earth, that is not comfortable, but is enough.

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  1. I would love it if more people could feel what you write about here…the lure of comfort and the comfort of knowing how to live on less. We could all learn a lot from this kind of experience and maybe then not be so driven to have the unquencheable urge to have “more”.

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