Europe N to S: Perfect Blue Sky (9/12/16)

Today’s Miles: 25.8

Total Miles: 1,566.3

Björnholmssätern – September 12, 2016

I walked past dark last night, climbing up in the moonlight until I made camp high above the trees. The moon and stars put me to sleep. The sun and a brilliant blue sky woke me up.

I stumble out of my tent into an open expanse of a mountain, high above the trees, but flat and wide, like it was crushed down by ancient sheets of ice. It reminds of the north, like a piece of Finnmark has been torn away and brought south. 

The mountain top is wide enough that I forget I’m on a mountain at all. I forget that below the edge of land, there are thick forests that could never exist near Nordkapp and Kinnarodden where you could walk days without seeing a single tree.

I wander forward under the blue dome of sky. Wind sweeps across the rocks. Sunlight warms my face. My eyes soak in the barren beauty.

It is easy walking, full of simple joy, of sunlight and warmth. I keep staring at the horizon for clouds. I keep wondering when the trail will disappear underneath me. I keep guessing that my luck will end.

But it never does. I even find an old cabin to sleep in, wood floors and a roof so I can close my eyes without dreaming of wind, rain, and a wet tent. I sit in the shadows of moonlight, wrapped in my sleeping bag, thinking about how far I’ve come from those first steps at Kinnarodden. Then I drift off, dreaming of blue skies and open horizons stretching south.

2 thoughts on “Europe N to S: Perfect Blue Sky (9/12/16)

  1. Mr. Miller and Mrs. Bellflower here…
    We had another Friday morning with the kids to view your posts, and discuss your progress. We spent a lot of time on the Sept. 9th post “Norway’s Goodbye,” your last day in Norway–running into six men walking in the other way and them asking, “are you O.K.?” The kids have been asking the same thing. We went to Google Earth to find your location relative to surrounding areas, particularly Sweden. It seemed, while you were at or near Femundsmarka National Park, you were on the border of Sweden. Question: “Is there really a LINE to show the border?” We zoomed out to try and see how you might go south, what countries and “how are you going to cross the Baltic Sea into Denmark?” The kids are wondering, too: 1. “what if it gets cold and winter sets in, what will you do?” “What and how much food do you carry to make sure you are not hungry?” “What do you use for money?” We’ll be thinking and talking about you next Friday morning at 10:00 am EDT. What time will it be there? Safe travels, Mr. Miller and Mrs. Bellflower

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