Europe N to S: Withdraw (8/27/16)

Today’s Miles: 11.2

Total Miles: 1,297.8
Skjaerkerdalen – August 27, 2016

I stay in the cabin until the wind stops shaking the trees and the sky hints at lifting. I don’t want to leave. I feel safe inside the walls, under the roof. I know that as soon as I step outside I am vulnerable again.

I pack slowly, checking the sky through a window, convincing myself to wait in ten or fifteen minute chunks that stretch into hours. I wait until four sheep who took refuge underneath the cabin’s porch venture out and convince me that it is time to leave. 

The sky is still thick with gray clouds. Light rain falls and disappears as I walk. My eyes never leave the clouds for long, always watching them, searching them for their intent as they drift above me. Water soaks the ground. The trail is mud and bogs, but it is a trail. I follow it over a low mountain and down a long valley as night comes on.

There’s a hut there, one that I can use. I stand in the porch and think about it for a long time. I peer through the window at the chairs and table, at the woodstove, at the warm bunks. I think of how nice it would be inside. 

Then I walk away, up the mountain, under the endless grey skies, afraid to become too addicted to ceilings and walls. 

One thought on “Europe N to S: Withdraw (8/27/16)

  1. I wonder how few people use sheep moving off of a porch as a predictor of when to move on?! I marvel at your balance toward staying in tune with Nature by deciding to avoid a second night in a cabin. Love it!

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