Europe N to S: Consumed (8/7/16)

​Today’s Miles: 30.5

Total Miles: 890.5

The canyon – August 7, 2016
“Tomorrow,” I promise. “Tomorrow we will reach the road.”

I need to eat. I need to gorge. I need to walk the aisles of a grocery store with wide eyes until I full my basket. Every muscle in my body begs for it. Food seeps into every thought, coloring the edges, filling the cracks, chanting louder moment by moment. Food. Food. Food. But all I have is an almost empty pack.

I ration out bits of food throughout the day, handfuls, mouthfuls. In those moments, I feel the energy flow. In those moments, I do fly, but the debt must be paid. Every uphill reveals the truth, my legs are fading, I need fuel. I cannot run on fumes forever.

“Tomorrow,” I promise my tired legs. “Tomorrow.”

I see the deep valley in the distance that will lead me to the road. I push towards it, fighting for every mile, almost forgetting to look up until the sun slips low on the horizon and burns the clouds pink.
The whole sky lights up. Mountains glow red. The horizon turns into a ring of fire.

I stop and watch, not thinking about food, not thinking about the road or tired muscles or super market carts, not thinking about anything but the beauty, the pink light splashed across the blue grey canvas, the reason I am here. 

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