Europe N to S: Walk to the Light (7/26/16)

Today’s Miles: 18

Total Miles: 649.6

Rohkunborri National Park – July 26, 2016

Twin thunderstorms broke, one on each side of the valley. The sky turned black underneath them, sheets of grey rain falling from towering dark clouds. Flashes of lightning cracked and forked to the peaks. Thunder rolled from one storm to the next, shaking the world between.

But in the distance, a sliver of light hung,  waiting like hope at the end of the valley. I stayed low, watching the storms roll down the mountains, watching tongues of lightning crash, letting the thunder shake my bones, but always moving, always pushing forward toward the light, clinging to that hope that hung there in the distance.

Because what else can you do?

You can’t control the clouds. You’ll go mad. You can only cling to the hope and walk, let the rain fall and walk, let the darkness swirl and walk, knowing each step pulls the light closer until it will fill the sky again.  

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