Europe N to S: Rising Mountains (7/23/16)

​Today’s Miles: 20.1
Total Miles: 605.6

Øvre Dividal National Park, near Daertahytta, Norway – July 23, 2016

The mountains rise up more defiant of gravity than they were in the far north. Cliffs and rocky peaks replace gentle slopes of tundra. They eat up the endless sky and tower over the wide valleys.

In the high crags, Glaciers cling to the slopes, their white ice harder and sharper than the lingering snowbanks shimmering in the sunlight. Waterfalls spill over walls of rock and tumble through the air.

The change came slowly as the trail wove over passes, down into valleys and back up again. It came over days, mile by mile, one cliff instead of a slope, one pointed peak among many gentle rises. A single, edgy mountain replaced by two, then three, each more ragged than the last until they filled the horizon with cliffs, points, edges, and rock.

6 thoughts on “Europe N to S: Rising Mountains (7/23/16)

  1. Daniel…

    As you may know the Democrat did “Native Son…” piece in yesterday’s paper. Well, some Desoto Trail kids and parents were curious if you are the same one who did the kayak trip from north to south USA, and your Dad accepted an award on your behalf. “He certainly is,” I said. So, now they are plugged in watching you everyday, and reading your posts. It helps them immensely to better understand “their world’s geography,” and watch the trail you are making. Now that you are “famous” with all your travels, they want to know, when you get back, if you would visit the school and tell a few stories!! The first question they asked me was, “when is he going to be at the southern end of Europe and WHERE is the southern most point???” Then they asked me, “when is he going to be back in Tallahassee??” I couldn’t answer either of those questions–the first one I’m going to look up and hopefully have answer, but the second one… well??

    Keep the wind to your back and the sun shining on your face. Safe travels and try to eat vegetables whenever you can!! Cheers, Mr. Miller

    1. I wish more kids were plugged in! What a wonderful way to learn not only geography but also life lessons, cultural differences, and human similarities.
      In a time when we get so much xenophobic visions from too many folks this is a real antidote.

    2. Thanks Gerry for letting Daniel know who is following him. It really positively impacts his journey. And encourage the kids to post something for him and what they think/are learning from him.

    3. I’d love to come visit and tell stories! The southernmost point is Tarifa, Spain, but I have no idea when I will be there and therefore no idea when I will be back, but when I am I’ll try and come say hello!

  2. How dramatic and beautiful it must be. How fine to have come over so many miles walking the changes.
    What a way to really “get” the landscape as it changes and challenges. Thank you for sharing it with us. You have a way of making it real to us who are following your journey and in so few words.

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