Europe N to S: The Forge (7/20/16)

​Today’s Miles: 22.2

Total Miles: 548.5

Past Saanjarvi hut – July 20, 2016

I felt invincible climbing Halti, my legs limitless, my lungs full. I rose up the slope like I had wings, higher and higher, up the jumbled rocks, up the red giant guarding the peak, up until I reached the top and could almost touch the clouds.

I thought I’d found the unending strength that you earn on a thru-hike after forging yourself mile by mile, the rocks for the hammer, your will for the anvil.

But today I feel all of yesterday. In my sore legs and bruised feet, in my sluggish steps and lingering stops, I know I am not quite invincible yet.

I push forward anyway, afraid to waste the blue sky, knowing how precious it can be. I walk past tents springing up along the trail and cabins filling with people. I walk though green valleys and over passes. I walk until the sun almost sets and the world turns a golden yellow near midnight.

I walk and pay for yesterday with each mile. My legs are not invincible yet, but they are close. I can feel it, the hints of strength pulling together, power building step by step as the blacksmith’s hammer pounds away.

One thought on “Europe N to S: The Forge (7/20/16)

  1. Wonderful realization of the continued strengthening of your powerful legs. So we could say maybe 600 miles and you’ll be fully engaged? Sheez! Any hope for the rest of us?!

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