Europe N to S: Episode 4 – Light and Dark

Episode 4 is here:

Let me know if there is anything you’d like to see in future episodes!

5 thoughts on “Europe N to S: Episode 4 – Light and Dark

  1. I bet you found a lot of antlers, or sheds as they are called when they drop off. The skull and antler combined is a good find. Keep hiking on, many are enjoying your adventure, as am I.

  2. I found the music so meditative. Loved watching the areas you were going through. It seems like it’s been incredibly wide open- I forget this journey is going to be quite lengthy and you’re presumably going to cross through/be a part of so many different landscapes. Glad you’re documenting with video!

    *Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.* One of my favorite sayings in life, but seems rather wrong to say to you now- by God, eat! And oh my goodness, be safe!

    Have fun out there 😊. P.s. Are you liking the rainbow? (I think that’s what it is). Was thinking of buying the double rainbow.

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  3. Background music is too long and distracting. Suggest you leave it out if you cannot tone it down. Love your blogging


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  4. For someone that is likely to never walk that part of the earth, thank you for putting me there and seeing (and feeling) what you are going through. Enjoying it thoroughly at my dry desk. As you know, nature delights, surprises, entertains, challenges, frustrates and teaches. It is, for sure, never boring.

  5. I absolutely loved the whole thing, including the music. And keep wondering how you get the shots of you. Amazing place. xox

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