Europe N to S: Pinned (7/10/16)

​A ridge in Stabbursdalen – July 10, 2016

Today’s Miles: 0

Total Miles: 313.1

I don’t move. I only sit in my small rectangle of fabric and netting, staring out at the falling rain, listening to the the drops pop against the walls, watching the water pool into little rivers that run down seams to the ground.

I close my eyes and sleep in bits and pieces, waking to the same rain, the same sounds, the same grey sky that swallowed the sun. My mind starts to unravel, thoughts flood in from the past and future, boredom, dreams of people I had almost forgotten, doubts. I look through pictures and listen to music. I stare at maps and calculate miles. I watch mosquitos walk the mesh of my tent’s walls searching for a way to reach me just as I search for a way out.

I sit and sit and sit, waiting for a break that never comes, waiting until moving became pointless, waiting until I go back to sleep for good, clinging to one thought in my head above all others.

“Tomorrow will be better.”

4 thoughts on “Europe N to S: Pinned (7/10/16)

    1. This counts as “Thank God I have a dry tent day”. No wonder the Vikings traveled far and wide to get to a sunny spot. I think “NORWAY” must stand for “Normally Occurring Rain Water All Year”.

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