Europe N to S: Remember Why (6/30/16)

Near Stabbursdalen – June 30, 2016
​Today’s Miles: 20.3

Total Miles: 170.9

Leaving town is always difficult. Your pack is heavy with food. Your body longs for another day of rest, a day sitting on chairs instead of rocks, rooms without wind whipping through them. You worry you forgot something. Your legs feel stiff. Your shoulders tired. You are never wholely ready to let go of the comfort, the security again.

You wonder why you would ever leave, why you decided on this journey to begin with. You think of going home to your bed and sleeping for a week. You think of your favorite meal cooking on a stove. You imagine it all.
Then you rise up into the wild tundra as the sun circles to the north, pass a reindeer herd scattered across a slope, come to a ridge that looks out across the open emptiness, and remember why you are here again.

5 thoughts on “Europe N to S: Remember Why (6/30/16)

  1. I think that is why so many babies cry when they are born. That womb is mighty comfortable.

  2. Comfort fails to show us our strengths. Beautiful landscape – no distractions. 🙂

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