Europe N to S: The Next Adventure (6/1)

Tallahassee, FL – 6/1/16

Layers of handwritten notes litter my desk, stacked on open boxes, on old photos, on hard drives. To-do lists. Things to remember. Kinnarodden has two ds. No accent on Tarifa. Thoughts that I don’t want to lose, but can’t hang onto in the flood spilling out of my head.

The ends of two hiking sticks lie on the floor where I tossed them a week ago, broken and battered and replaced with new, unscathed, unbent titanium. Equipment is everywhere. An unsalvagable water bottle that leaks near the mouth. A solar panel. Two down jackets that I’ve stared at for months and can’t decide between. A third that won’t make the cut, but I haven’t had time to move. Hats, batteries, gloves, a solar panel, charging cords. An old tarp I don’t quite trust anymore. A tent, wrapped up and stuffed in a sack. I took it out three weeks ago and sprayed a hose on it for an hour to make sure it wouldn’t leak.

A backpack somewhere, buried under it all. A sleeping bag that still needs washing and a patch over a small tear where tufts of down leak out. An air mattress, new out of the box, just replaced. My old one liter cooking pot that I’ve had since the Pacific Crest with its dented sides and fire blackened bottom. An alcohol stove that still burns after ten years. I need a new windscreen, that’s what the roll of aluminum flashing is for. It’s sat for weeks waiting for me to get to it, to cut it into shape, to pop holes in the side that will vent air into the flames.

An emergency beacon. I activated it yesterday, stood outside in the sunlight swatting flies as it beamed signals to satellites in the sky. No bigger than a cell phone and it just might save me anywhere in the world. Twenty feet from my front door, it seems silly. Days away from civilization, it might be the last thing between me and death. I flick it on to check it again. “This is an automated reply to your message” the beacon reads. “I can still save your life,” it says in my head. I turn it off and hope I never use it.

My headlamp is somewhere on the table. I tested it a week ago and as soon as it worked I put it down on my desk. It’s stayed there ever since, slowly buried under paper until only the strap peeks out from under the pile. I’ll need it, but not at first, not in the everlasting daylight of the arctic summer.

Clothes. Boxes of clothes that stack like I’m making a cardboard wall. Shirts and pants, far too many to bring. I’m picking one of each and returning the rest, but I can’t decide. I want to love the choice since I’ll wear it until the threads fray and fall apart, until the back is nothing but strings of cloth hanging off my shoulders after thousands of miles.

A groundsheet. Bandana. Sunglasses. Memory cards. A stack of books that read Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal. A new cell phone that will work in all of those. The books are filled with information that I’ll never get to because I haven’t been able to open one. But what do I need train and bus itineraries for when I have my two feet and a pair of shoes. Two pairs actually. I still need to decide which one goes and which gets sent back.

I need to decide a lot of things, here, while there are options, while I’m surrounded by stacks of things, stacks of decisions to make. I stare at the stacks and wonder if it’s all here, if everything I need to walk across a continent is here sitting in this room, if I can succeed by making the right decisions now.

I stare. I drown in it all. I barely sleep, like I’ve barely slept for weeks, my mind rushing too fast for sleep, only giving in at three or four in the morning when exhaustion finally shuts everything down.

I’ve got to keep going, to keep making decisions. I think about five days from now. I think about when I’ll walk out my door with that pack, when all the decisions will be over, behind me right or wrong, cleared away in the final rush towards the next adventure.

Then everything will be clear.

Just walk south.

Welcome back to Predictably Lost!

I’m glad you are here to join me on this next adventure. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment, but once this gets going, I think it’s going to be fantastic. I’m excited to write again and I’m really excited to add video. I’ve worked for the past month to figure out how to shoot, edit, and post video from my phone because, along with the writing, I think it will do a fantastic job of putting you inside the adventure as it is happening.

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17 thoughts on “Europe N to S: The Next Adventure (6/1)

  1. Holy moly this is exciting!! Can’t wait to follow along on another one of your epic journeys! -Breeze

  2. Finally, a new adventure awaits! Can’t wait to follow you along the trail once again. Safe travels!

  3. Loved the video for the trip. What a beautiful world you have traveled in and I look forward to seeing and reading how the Old World compares to the New World.

  4. Hi Daniel, The photos arrived yesterday along with a flood of memories. You, a tiny speck down the lake…growing and growing until you were standing on the dock. Cooking”Dirty Clothes” hunched over the pot. And finally wishing you a Bon Voyage as you headed to Canada. Now you are off on another adventure, one that we can live through you, vicariously. Honestly, don’t think I could sleep on the ground anymore. John and I started up a kayak tour business here in the Champlain Islands..Check it out in all your spare time Wishing you all the best of luck. It looks like you might being going through Provence. We have dear friends who run a hostel for artists etc a bit west of Nimes. He is a high wire artist, she a stunt woman. They would welcome you for as long as you need to rest. Check out their website at It would be a perfect stop. Let me know and I will pave the way for you to their doorstep. Looking forward to your blog and youtube videos. Safe travels, Berney

  5. OMG Daniel – Welcome Back J You have been missed xooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxooxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxooxox

    Be well and Happy! oxoxoxoxooxoxoxooxoxoxooxoxoxoxoox

  6. So fun to watch your ever expanding adventure. We fondly remember meeting in “Little Current” aboard our trawler “Journey” We are still cruising but “Journey” is for sale as we plan on land travel around the US and Canada. Looking forward to read about your trip Tom, Melesia and Mango

  7. been waiting for the next adventure. its been too long! will be following. take care and be safe.

  8. Oh my gosh Dan. Your so my idol! I only wish I could do what you do. Your simply amazing. I would do almost anything to meet up with you again. My children and I were out kyack ing the Hudson River and my daughter just asked me this weekend mom do you ever get posts or anything from Dan the predictably lost guy. It’s so quincidental you sent this email mail out I was so excited to hear the news. I’m ready to explore this next adventure with you. I only wish I was going with you. Lol. I hope you remember us, we are from Athens NY Missy,Bailey,and Sage. I wish you good luck and health along with safe travels,

  9. Daniel, I hoped you would resurface and continue living my dreams of freedom, raw adventure and exploration. Welcome back. I will be reading and watching the whole journey with great anticipation and excitement. Thanks! Steve

  10. Hey D! Fantastic journey!!
    Your tía & sobrinas in Madrid are curious about your route. There are so many variations on “Mehamm” going down Norway, it’s difficult to guess how far you’ve gotten, but the assumption is that you will be walking into Denmark and not through Sweden or Finland. We would love to see you in Spain, whether you pass through Madrid or not. Please let us know your tentative trajectory as you get closer, maybe when you are in France. Depending on when you reach the Iberian Peninsula, we are pretty flexible and can meet you somewhere on little notice. You have so many incredible options! For instance, theoretically you could go to Mont Blanc, though it’s a little out of your way with some tough passes, but it is the highest massive in Continental Europe. Your sobrina and I trekked the Tour du Mont Blanc 3 years ago. Spectacular. Besitos y abrazos MUY fuertes.
    Laura, Amaya and Sofía

    1. Yay! Of course I will let you know when I get closer. I can’t wait to see you! I’m curious about my route as well, but I know I’ll be in Spain for quite a while!

  11. I’m just starting, a mutual friend was raving about your Kayaking trip recently, and she finally gave me your details and I find this… It will take me a couple of days to catch up on your current trip, this walking through Europe… I’m ecstatic to go through it. I was watching the YouTube videos, I think it will be best to follow the blog first and catch up. More power to you man, this is AWESOME!!!

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