Grand Enchantment: Forward (3/31)

IMG_9628Past Highway 60 – 3/31

Miles melt away underneath my feet. I feel the end racing toward me and I’m not sure what it means, but I know I’m feeling it and flying toward it as fast as my legs will carry me. Empty back roads, forgotten tracks, fence lines, they all fly past, lost in the gravitational pull of the trail’s end.

It’s less than a week away.

There is no longer a massive pile of miles and maps in front of me too big to sort through. The days break down as I count ahead in my mind. I can almost guess where I will be each night until the end. It’s so digestible now, pieces lined up like dominoes ready to fall.

One after another after another.

One thought on “Grand Enchantment: Forward (3/31)

  1. Of course you were anxious to finish this trail! I can see in your mind the beautiful smile of someone who was waiting for you to return!

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