Grand Enchantment: The Hunger is Real (3/11)

Safford, AZ – 3/11

The trail goes right through Safford. There’s no hitching a ride in from some lonely stretch of highway. There isn’t a casual conversation with a generous driver where you remember what it is to be a part of human society again. You arrive in Safford on your own two feet, walking through the outskirts and right onto the main street.

It’s a sharp re-entry after two weeks. The city felt fast and chaotic around me. Cars flew by, lights blinked, noise was everywhere.

I walked to a cheap hotel, got a room, took a shower, and went right to the all you can eat Chinese buffet next door. I don’t miss the noise, the frenetic movement of cars, the concrete jungle of roads, but I miss the food.

That poor buffet. That poor, poor buffet. 

3 thoughts on “Grand Enchantment: The Hunger is Real (3/11)

  1. What a great way to start my morning…so, so funny. I can just picture you in that buffet!

  2. lol, a meal to remember! i’ll be paddling at assateague this summer and will think of you and your adventures!

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