Grand Enchantment: Rising into the Sky (3/9) 

Near Clark Peak – 3/9

I crossed most of the low desert between the Santa Teresas and the Pinaleños last night. The cool evening air and dirt roads sped me across the open expanse until I smashed up against the first fingers of ridges that begin a wall-like rise toward the sky. 

Today, it felt like a plane taking off from the runway. I shot up 4,000 feet as the desert floor dropped away into toy-like trees and roads. I jumped entire ecosystems stacked one after another like layers on a cake, rising until I stood among giant pine trees and peered out at the snow capped peaks ahead, still 1,500 feet higher, waiting for me along the spine of mountains.

Flurries of snow swirled around me as I strung up my tarp and watched the sun disappear over the western horizon. I wrapped my sleeping bag close, pulled my hat down over my ears, and slept, waiting for sunrise, thinking about snow, knowing I’d reach it soon, hoping the frozen crust would hold my weight in the morning.

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  1. Lovely to read your posts, D! Sounds like you’ve gotten your hiking legs back to shoot up 4,000 feet from the desert floor! Love your writing… 🙂

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